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Anonymous said: Is the Line Skip (Cans and Cell Phones) per a person? LIke if im going with a group of three, do we all need to bring cans or a phone?

Yes, it is per person. Each of you would have to bring in the 3 cans or $5 or a cellphone.

It’s not much and it goes to a good cause and gets you in a little earlier so its definitely worth it!

Anonymous said: For the 5 dollars thing is it per person or??

Yup, $5 OR 3 canned goods per person.

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2 ways you can help AND jump the line this summer on Warped! 




2 ways you can help AND jump the line this summer on Warped! 


Anonymous said: would it be ok to wear a bandeau to warped or will it fall down??? help please !

I wouldn’t suggest it because its a lot easier for someone to pull down. And if you’re in a crowd with a lot of energy (like most at Warped Tour) there’s a good chance that it might get pulled down, maybe not on purpose but it could happen. I suggest something with straps that’s a little more secure. I know it sucks because bandeaus are both cute and convenient in the heat, and help avoid those warped tour tan lines that I sure get every year no matter how much sunscreen I put on. But I suggest to be safe, it’s best wear something with straps that isn’t so easy to get pulled down. 

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Anonymous said: Do you know if they're going to start selling more tickets in april like they usually do?

tickets are on sale currently. They did things a little differently with the ticket sales. They started earlier and have done price levels where the earlier you got tickets, the cheaper they were. But those were in limited amounts and I’m pretty sure most, if not all are at the full price they’re going to be now. Hopefully they don’t go up anymore. But even if they do, the price is worth the amazing experience of going to Warped Tour.

Here’s the link to find tickets for each date:


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Vans Warped Tour band annoucement

Vans Warped Tour band annoucement

Billy Talent

Art of Shock


Real Friends

Relient K

Pacific Dub


Strawberry Blondes

Anonymous said: For the Pomona dates, they are the bands are the same each day right? Like if I only go to one date, I will get to see everyone still?

Bands that are listed as playing the whole tour will be at both dates, yes.

But there are bands that only play select dates of the tour, like they may only play a couple weeks. If they’re playing one Pomona date, they’re likely playing both.

To find out if any of the bands you want to see are playing the date you’re going to check out the “bands” page on vanswarpedtour.com, you can find out here what dates each bands announced so far are playing. If it says 6/15-8/4 they’re playing the entire tour!

Here’s the link to check: http://www.vanswarpedtour.com/bands/index

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Tickets are on sale NOW! The 2013 Vans Warped Tour heads back to Las Vegas with a show June 28th at the Silverton Hotel parking lot. Tickets, start at $24.50 and go on sale NOW and can be purchased here 

Check out this years sick Rock & Bus Warped Tour shuttle!


Craig Owens of Chiodos

I Can Make A Mess (Ace Enders of The Early November)

William Beckett of The Academy Is…

Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife/I Am the Avalanche

Alcoa (Derek Archambault of Defeater)

Matt Embree of RX Bandits

The American Scene

Allison Weiss

Kevin Seconds

Monte Pittman of Madonna

Austin Lucas

Brian Marquis

Charlie Simpson

Owen Plant

The Tower and The Fool (ex-Boys Like Girls/Therefore I Am)

Billy the Kid.

Anonymous said: Volunteering at Warped Tour? Good and Bad

I’ve personally never volunteered at Warped before, but I do have some opinions on it.

The first thing I’ll say is if you really enjoy going to Warped as a fan and you can only go to one date and you have to chose between going as a fan or going to volunteer and you had your heart set on seeing a bunch of bands I’d say go as a fan. Volunteer if you still get the chance to go to another date to see bands because you might not find is as fun if you don’t get the chance for that. Volunteers usually do get to take a break and go see a band at some point in the day, but it’s won’t be the same experience as going as a fan.

But if you’re looking to get into the music industry and you’re looking for some experience it can be a great opportunity and a great way to meet people and make connections. If you really want to volunteer, go for it! There’s lots of chances to volunteer at Warped tour. Look into what non-profits are gonna be on the tour, you can usually find a lot of volunteer opportunities that way.

So if you want to go to Warped tour to enjoy the bands and see a bunch of sets, go as a fan.

If you want to get experience and make connections and don’t mind working a hot long day, with the chance to probably see at least one band, definitely volunteer!

If you can go to multiple dates, split it up, go as a fan for a date and volunteer at a date!

Does anyone who’s volunteered at Warped before have any input? Tips or suggestions?

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Never Shout Never

August Burns Red

Black Veil Brides

Bring Me The Horizon  (6/19-8/4)


3OH!3  (6/30-7/14)

Bowling For Soup


We are stoked to announce the 2013 Vans Warped Tour Kick-Off Party taking place on Thursday, March 28 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles and featuring Beware of Darkness, Brian Marquis, Big Chocolate, MC Lars, New Beat Fund and Chiodos (With other SURPRISE GUESTS and Warped Artists!). Come celebrate the start of the 19th Vans Warped Tour! Tickets will be on sale starting Friday, February 8 via www.vanswarpedtour.com. There are only a limited number of tickets, so get yours early!